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Did you know your computer tracks EVERYWHERE you go on the net, and you CAN'T GET RID OF the records by yourself?

What if you accidentally went to an illegal or adult site? The record is already there! It doesn't matter to your your boss, or your wife! You are already guilty! Stay out of trouble! More importantly, get peace of mind! Workers are being FIRED from their jobs! People are losing MARRIAGES! It's in the headlines every day!

The all new Wipe It Off software protects your privacy by removing these records from your computer! Deleting your browser cache and history will not protect you!

Feature Summary

  • Permanently deletes browser's cache files
  • Permanently deletes browser's cookie files
  • Deletes and disables "autocomplete" URLs
  • Cleans the secret index.dat file
  • Deletes Windows temporary folder
  • Permanently empties the Recycle bin
  • Blocks unwanted additions to "Favorites" folder
  • Blocks unauthorized changes to your Homepage
  • Deletes "Recent Documents" list
  • Deletes recently opened files from the "Run" menu
  • Deletes the "Find files" history
  • Deletes applications recently opened files list
  • "Panic" button instantly clears all traces of your activities and closes all your browser windows!
  • Clears all traces of your activities on shutdown
  • Frees hard drive space
  • Speeds up your computer
  • Each function / feature can be customized to your requirement.
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Hotkey for hiding browser windows
  • Small memory requirements
  • File Shredder
  • and much much more...

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